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Feeling overwhelmed by complex insurance claims? Insureds routinely need help with insurance claims and Panzarella Public Adjusters is here to level the playing field. We pride ourselves in ethics, integrity, respect, and a commitment to excellence in all areas of a claim settlement. The company was established to help homeowners in the insurance claims adjusting process. Our mission at Panzarella Public Adjusters is to help everyday homeowners like you not become victims of low settlements in the insurance adjusting process. We promise to advocate and perform aggressive representation for you, the insured to help you receive the maximum settlement you’re entitled to. We are experts in estimating claims which results in much higher claim settlements you are entitled to.  FEMA Flood policies as well.

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Common Covered Property Damage Claims

Sudden and accidental Damage is covered

Missing Roof Shingles

Ice Damming

Damage from falling trees

Dented or broken siding

Burnt siding from a BBQ

Cracked ceramic floors

Roof leaks

Air conditioner leaks

Weight of ice, snow or sleet

Scorched cabinets from small fires


Carpet stains from nail polish, bleach, wine, etc

Kitchen fires and smoke damage

Vandalism, graffiti and theft

Damage from a burglar

Toilet, tub or sink overflow

Dishwasher or ice maker leaks

Stained ceilings

Ripped linoleum tile


Washing machine or water heater leaks

Pipe leaks or backups caused by blockage

Water that enters the house from above ground

Water around windows and doors even left open from a rain storm

Plus many others..

Special Coverage endorsements, sump pump failure, flood, etc

FEMA Flood Insurance



About Me

A Native of Queens and Long Island, NY, my real estate and insurance career spans 40 years specializing in residential and commercial sales, management, mortgage financing, insurance brokerage, home inspections and public adjusting. I reside in Perkasie, PA where I continue my professional career as a licensed Public Adjuster in PA to serve the public and protect their interests with homeowners insurance claims. My business is built on referrals and my reputation. My clients know they can count on me for honest, reliable service. If you have a claim or a claim question,  please contact me. My consultation is FREE.